2020 NFL Top Draft Picks

Now that free agency is winding down, we are now at the next big event in the NFL offseason. The NFL Draft will be here very soon, and teams will be looking for the next superstar to take their team to the next level. Or they could be looking for the player that fills a need for their team and is a good fit in their system. Other teams might just take the best available player. With so many ways to go, it could be hard to see who goes where, but here goes my best guesses anyway.

First Pick – Cincinnati Bengals select QB, Joe Burrow. This looks to be a done deal already. The Bengals need a quarterback and are going into rebuilding mode. This important position will be filled and the team can build up from there. After trying to move Andy Dalton and the way Joe Burrow elevated his play this season, this was a no brainer number one pick.

Second Pick – Washington Redskins select EDGE, Chase Young. Young is the best defensive player in this draft and Washington needs to get better on both sides of the ball. Since they drafted Haskins last year, and hopefully, he takes a jump, they can select Young this year and get a face for the defense. Young is athletic, talented, and can be a dominate force for years to come. All the things Washington needs to get better.

Third Pick – (Trade Alert) Los Angeles Chargers select QB, Tua Tagoviloa. Tua has seen his stock rise and fall a lot over the last year. With his hip injury the biggest concern, a lot of teams will have doubts about his overall health, but so far, the reports have been encouraging. The Chargers need to get better at the quarterback position. Philip Rivers had done a great job of holding the position down, but was showing signs of regression that was hurting this team. Getting a healthy Tua and improved quarterback play is just what this team needs.

Fourth Pick – New York Giants select OL, Tristan Wirfs. The Giants need to get Daniel Jones some help. He showed flashes of being great last year, but other times he was running for his life or fumbling the ball. Wirfs can be that guy to help make Jones life slightly easier. He performed so well at the combine, and even though the Giants do have other needs, protecting their quarterback needs to be priority number one.

Fifth Pick – Miami Dolphins select QB, Justin Herbert. The Dolphins have a big need at quarterback after dealing with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s so-so play last year and not making any moves during free agency. The Dolphins need someone who can be their next franchise quarterback, and Herbert is filled with potential waiting to be unlocked.  After missing on Tua, the Dolphins still get one of the two guys they were looking at and get to keep all the draft picks they have gathered up to this point.

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