Battle of the Champions

The date is set. The teams are chosen. All that’s left to do is play the game and see who comes out the Super Bowl winner. There can only be one. With the Super Bowl being played tomorrow, I find it fitting to break down each team and see who has the best chance of winning.

Let’s start with the Kansas City Chiefs. One thing that the Chiefs have that no other team has is Patrick Mahomes. He is the engine behind this team. He energizes them, gives them an identity, and gives his team a chance to win in every game he plays. The throws he makes look incredible, and the difficult ones he makes look too easy or too good to be true. Mahomes is just one of those players who has a uniqueness about them. He has a special talent for making that one play that can swing the outcome of a game. It’s not a secret that the Chiefs can score almost at will and with Mahomes at the helm, will them he will. The second thing that this team has the advantage in is speed. Look at the players they have at the receiver position. With Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman, this team has some of the fastest receivers in the game. Not only are they fast, but they can create space for themselves. If they make the defense second guess themselves or even worse, if they make the defense miss them, you can forget about it. They will take it to the house. One other advantage that the Chiefs have is their tight end, Travis Kelce. Not only is he Mahomes’s safety blanket, but he also gets the job done. He is one of the most productive tight ends in the league. When the Chiefs need those few extra yards, they go to him. Or if they need a big score, Mahomes will look his way at least once. He does it all for this team and he is doing just what the team needs at just the right time. The Chiefs do have other elements that work to their advantage, but I think these three are key to them winning it all.

The other team looking for a championship title is of course the San Francisco 49ers. For a team that you didn’t know what to expect when the season started, I’d say they did pretty well for themselves! But what do they have that makes them a Super Bowl caliber team? The first thing is their defense. They have had one of the best defensive groups all year. With guys like Nick Bosa and Richard Sherman to players like Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander, Robert Saleh has done some incredible things with this talented group. This defense will bend but not break, and they don’t make careless/costly mistakes. They make the other team earn every point. One other positive for the 49ers is their running game. When the season started, no one knew who the starting running back would be. Half way through the season, and even toward the end, it was still a guessing game. The one name you had to prepare for was Raheem Mostert. There were some games he was the lead back getting everything and then other games maybe only a few touches here and there. Once the playoffs started, he really showed what he could do. He proved that he can be the lead back. He proved that he can carry the load. He can grind out the extra yards you need and find the end zone (multiple times in some games) to give you the score. He is a dangerous runner that teams have to be ready and prepared to face. One big similarity for both these teams, and another strength of the 49ers is their tight end, George Kittle. Not only does he play the same position as Kelce, but he also fills that same need and role that Kelce does for the Chiefs. I know I said it was a strength for both teams so neither on has the edge when it comes to this position, but maybe something that these two teams have shown us is that tight end is not a position to take lightly. It may be one of those positions future teams will need to be Super Bowl contenders.

So, when it comes down to it, who wins? Both teams have played well all season long, and both of them showed us why they belong here. I think this game will be very close and I do see a high scoring game. In the end, this is a game that will prove the old cliché true: Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.

Final Score: 49ers – 31 and Chiefs – 28

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