And Then There Were Two

So far we have gone through five weeks of the new NFL season and there are only two unbeaten teams. Those two teams are the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. One team came as more of a shocker and the other was more expected. Let’s take a closer look at each of these teams.

First up, the New England Patriots. What makes them so unbeatable? I think there a couple of things working in their favor. One benefit they have is Tom Brady. He has been one of the top quarterbacks over the past decade or more and even though he might have lost a step or two, he still know how to win in the NFL. All he does is make the right play and make the players around him overall better. The second benefit is Bill Belichick. He and Brady have a chemistry that has been tested at times, but they both have the same goal and that is to win. They are always on the same page in regards to that and they are able to put aside their egos in order to win Superbowls. The schedule has been friendly to the Patriots as well. Going against Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and Washington Redskins all within the first five weeks is almost unfair to the rest of the league. Those three teams alone account for over half their wins and although the schedule does get harder, eventually (not till week 9), I do expect the Patriots to keep in their winning ways. One other aspect not to be overlooked is the Patriots defense. At the start of the season not much mention was made of that defense, but as each week goes by more and more credit and attention is going to their defense. For good reason too. After giving up only three points to the Steelers, shutting out the Dolphins, Holding the Jets and Bills to 14 and 10 respectively, and then blowing out the Redskins to hold them to 7. This defense looks to be getting stronger and better each week with no slowdown in sight.

The other team that has no losses is the San Francisco 49ers. When the season first started, I don’t think many people had this team pegged to go unbeaten so far. And yet here we are. One thing that has benefitted them is Jimmy Garoppolo feeling more comfortable and getting into a groove with his offense. Even though the season started off rough for him (only a quarter or two in game one), he and his team got better and things just started to click. The second thing they have going for them is a soild defense.  Even though this team has given up points, they only bend and don’t break. They never consider themselves out of a game and are always finding a way to reel a game back in. With players like Nick Bosa and Richard Sherman, this defense does not have a lack of playmakers, and will always have an opportunity to make something good happen for their team. One last thing that people didn’t count on being successful was a running back by committee. They still don’t have a number one back. When the team signed Tevin Coleman it looked like he would be the man, but once the games started things were not as clear. That might not be a bad thing either. With Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman playing with each other this team has a two-headed monster with either one being able to carry the ball on any down necessary. And not only are they great players they can find the gaps to create huge plays and they can both find the endzone as well. Once you add Raheem Mostart to mix, you just add one more dynamic to this already impressive running group.

So, looking at both these teams we can see why they are where they are. They do have a lot of similarities too, like having a top defense and a quarterback who is comfortable in a team’s scheme. Maybe they have the right ingredients to keep their streak going, maybe a team figures them out. As for right now, there are only two teams that remain unbeaten.

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