Top Ten Picks of 2019 NFL Draft

Here we are at the start of another draft season. Most teams are still sorting out their top pick in this year’s draft. Some have identified a guy or two while others are waiting to see who falls to them. Let’s take a look at the top ten picks.

  • Arizona Cardinals – With the first pick… The only player I see the Cardinals drafting is Kyler Murray, QB. He is the player that Kliff Kingsbury has wanted since being named the coach. He even said so before he got the job. On top of that Murray looks like the type of player who can run Kingsbury’s system. Even though not all of last years trouble was Josh Rosen’s fault (some of it definitely was) they will start this new chapter with their quarterback. You don’t see a team draft a quarterback in consecutive years, but that is now the case for this Cardinals team.
  • San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa, DE. Bosa is considered one of the most talented, if not the most talented player in this draft class. We know how the 49ers like to have teams to bid against themselves and they might try to move down to gain some extra picks. But if they don’t like what they are receiving, I can see them taking Bosa with his high ceiling and being perfectly content with that.
  • New York Jets – Quinnen Williams, DT. I think the Jets are very high on making sure they revamp their offense and have Sam Darnold be more productive in his second year, but with this pick I see them going defense. You normally don’t take an offensive player this high unless it’s a quarterback, but the Jets already have that covered. Williams is also one of the top defensive players in this draft and he would immediately upgrade that defensive unit. Plus, if any injury occurs, he could be a great guy to plug in and fill a hole. You can never have too many guys going to rush the quarterback.
  • Oakland Raiders – Ed Oliver, DT. I really wanted to say a quarterback here, but I think that the Raiders will plow through another year with Carr. I also think that Gruden would prefer a veteran quarterback compared to a rookie. Oliver is a rare and athletic talent, just what the Raiders need to help kickstart their defense. Oliver is a player who has all the gifts needed to fit in the NFL. He just needs to be placed in the right scheme with the right coaches to get those gifts to flourish. Once he puts it all together, he will be one tough match up for whoever is across from him.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin White, LB. I originally had Oliver falling to the Bucs, but I think the Raiders make the move before the Bucs get the chance. I also think White will surprise many people to be picked here, but it is a great fit. Someone who can fill a big need left by departures in free agency and someone the Bucs can build around on defense is just what they need to start to turn this franchise around.
  • New York Giants – Josh Allen, DE. The New York Giants NEED a quarterback. Eli Manning was one of the best to play the game, but after watching last year, he doesn’t have much left in the tank. So, the Giants will do the most logical thing and not draft one here. Allen will be a great steal to fall to the Giants and will be a huge guy to help anchor their defense, but I think missing on a quarterback two years in a row will eventually come back to haunt them.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Jawaan Taylor, OT. After spending a massive amount of money on their new quarterback, Nick Foles, you would think that the Jaguars would want to protect him. After all the trouble they had with quarterback play last year, I see the team grabbing Jawaan Taylor to make sure they keep him upright. It’s a little tough to throw touchdowns when you’re constantly being pushed into the ground.
  • Detroit Lions – Montez Sweat, DE. The Lions needed some help on the edge and getting Sweat does just that. With the addition of Trey Flowers in free agency, the Lions have bolstered their defense to keep pace with the other teams in their division. Not to mention with all the top level, talented quarterbacks this team will have to face next year (especially in their own division) Sweat will give them an edge that they didn’t have last year.
  • Buffalo Bills – T.J. Hockenson, TE. After the departure of Charles Clay, the Bills have a big hole to fill. Hockenson looks to be the guy to fill that hole. The Bills need weapons to surround Josh Allen with and with the addition of this guy, they have one more out there. Hockenson is the top tight end prospect in the draft and the Bills couldn’t be any luckier that he fell right into their lap.
  • Denver Broncos – Drew Lock, QB. Elway gets his guy. The Broncos are looking for someone to put behind Flacco to learn for a year and be the starter next year. With Flacco only being a temporary place holder, this gives Lock time to learn to play at the NFL level. Not that he will need much time either. In Lock, Elway gets his strong-arm quarterback with the physical talents to get the job done.

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