Not So Super Bowl

Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and once again we have a new, but familiar champion. The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams by a final score of 13-3. Many people expected this game to be a high scoring one with a fair amount of defense mixed in. We were all wrong. This game was all about the defense. From start to finish this game was all about preventing the other from scoring. Throughout the season we saw that the Rams had a tough, stout defense that would be hard to score on. New England also displayed a surprisingly strong defense. But what happened to the offense?

In the first half of the game there was only a total of three points. By the end of three quarters, there was a total of six points. So any fans who love a low scoring, big defensively decided game, congrats, you had your Super Bowl. Everyone else who wanted to see these two powerhouses sling the ball and rush it up the field, you were left with a dud. I actually think the Pro Bowl was more exciting than this Super Bowl. Neither team threw for a touchdown, even though Edelman and Cooks surpassed 100 yards each.  Neither team had much of a running game either. The Rams couldn’t get Gurley or Anderson going. As for the Patriots, Michel did have 94 yards and finally scored the only touchdown in the fourth quarter, but that took 18 attempts to get all of that.

So, maybe we got spoiled over the past several years where we get to see teams involved in a high scoring affair. Or maybe each team just relied so heavily on their defense, that neither team got to show that explosive burst they both have. In either (or neither) case the Patriots still came up on top and can be called champions again. Personally, I think the amount of experience they have and the numerous times they have played on this stage and won, helped the Patriots beat an inexperienced, but up and coming Rams team. For any non-Patriot fans, let the heartbreaks heal and the wounds seal. And for you Patriot fans, enjoy your Super Bowl Championship.

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