Clash of Champions

So here we are, on the brink of Super Bowl LIII. A match between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams is about to begin. But what makes these two teams the best in the league? Let’s take a look at each team and see what makes them tick.
First up is the Patriots. I think they can be summed up rather quickly: Brady and Belichick. As for the Rams… Okay, Okay. We can explore the Patriots a little more. The Patriots were good all year, not great as they have been in years past, but good enough to get the job done. That was just the regular season. When the playoffs started that’s when the real games started for the Patriots. The Patriots always seem to coast through the regular season games and then it’s like they flip a switch and go into contender mode. Now the player that does this best is Tom Brady. Overall this will be his ninth time playing in a Super Bowl. It will also be the ninth time for the Brady and Belichick tandem. And as of right now they do have a 5-3 record in a Super Bowl. They have also been in three of the last four Super Bowls and won two of them. Brady also seems to elevate the players he plays with. His receivers look better, the running backs find gaps better, and the offensive line holds up longer for him. Everyone seems to play near perfect. Now I think Brady has a great deal to do with this, but so does Belichick. Like I said earlier, he has done this before. He knows how to coach a team in the big moments. He knows how to inspire them to play at their best. The Patriots know how to play (and win) in the Super Bowl.
But what about the Rams? Can they compete with the Patriots? I think they will be more than capable of competing with the Patriots. The Rams had the best record throughout the regular season at 13 -3. So, they obviously know a little something about playing football. They also have a quarterback by the name of Jared Goff. Goff has gotten better each year in the league. His first year he was the backup to Case Keenum in the first nine games, and then took over the starting job. In 2017, he took the team to his first playoff game. Although they lost, it was an improvement from the previous year. And this year Goff has them playing in the Super Bowl. He only gets better. The Rams also have Todd Gurley. We all know that he can run, but some of the things that stand out are that he has over 1,200 yards and 17 touchdowns. That is only in 14 games out of this year. He does more in 14 games than others do in a whole season. He was also the leader in rushing touchdowns both this year and last year. For as well as Goff can throw the ball, Gurley can run it. Now Sean McVay and the Rams don’t have the lengthy pedigree and history like the Patriots have. This will be his first time calling the plays in the Super Bowl. Mistakes will probably be made, calls will be second guessed. But I think if the Rams stay true to what they have done all season and take lessons from the games played earlier, they can give the Patriots a run for it.
I think that this will shape up as a great game. And I think it will also be a high scoring game. You can never count Brady out of a high scoring game, but I think that the Rams have a talented defense (and just enough offense) to throw a wrench into the Patriot plans.

FINAL SCORE: Patriots 28 – Rams 31

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